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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tracking the Lyric Valuables


-for Wendalicious

your slim sly book’s
a dance in the park
a daze, a drizzle
a puzzling lark

stones yearn to fly
words bark & sizzle
where you choose to fuse
we steam & bruise

to curve ourselves
to intent’s bent stem
changing color
undercover, just for fun

poems winsome
won some, lost & found
mossy, moving
knots unbound

I’m tantalized
I’m mystified
you pull my leg
my heart my eyes

and yet I bet
my best disguise
of dim wit & darkling
thought couldn’t pry apart

the surprising uptick
brilliant arc
of your even one
least question mark

Capt. Barefoot Broadside                                          Union of Street Poets
Vincent St. John Local / Colorado Plateau / Aztlán
 Kuksu Brigade (Ret.) / San Francisco