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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Afoot with Visions

Hospice Leave

odd to go
from fast-track
county meet & greets

to sitting
with Grandpa Vincenzo
in the rest home

weaving baskets of twine
that was once vine
& now’s the only line

back to the rainbow garish
sun flash San Miguel
end zone I’ve left

to sit on the foggy San Fran sidelines
as Dad makes his own last
end run dash

Capt. Barefoot Broadside                                          Union of Street Poets
Vincent St. John Local / Colorado Plateau / Aztlán
 Kuksu Brigade (Ret.) / San Francisco


  1. Beautiful Art! I remember talking with your dad, sitting on one of the very few benches on Main st. at the time. I liked him right away.
    It sure is strange to watch our fiesty loved ones "last slow dash", eh.
    Lori Gerdts

  2. ah, lori. lots of memories. vincenzo (who preferred vince) had a beautiful voice, loved to clown and make us laugh, sent us money for birthdays (sometimes the only way we made the rent that month), and gave Obama a month of his retirement pay and rooted for him to win -- not a racist bone in his working class body. it's hard not to miss him...

  3. Blessings of the Creator flow out upon Vince and those that miss him. He holds a trusted place in the Universal Service, in another continuum. We can all aspire to join him in our own good time.

  4. in our own good time, indeed. and in whatever continuum the mystery holds for us. as faery mary likes to say, "may the radiant light of our bodies bless us all."