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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Siempre Cantando
Flowers & Shrooms

(A Prayer)

-for Ernesto Cardenal

Yo ando siempre cantando
Make me a god of flowers & shrooms
Strong man. Story man

The asphalt’s alive with dead
Oil. I try to walk the edges
Keep distance to heart

And let the head dance
On its own, playing tricks
Joking with friends & strangers

I trust. Not the strangers we meet
In bluegreen bouncelight. TV ghosts
Musing on whose beer’s better

Or what car totem tie to buy
Cabezos Hablandos preguntan,
“Think their war’s as smart as ours?”

Make up’s the best mask for
Deception. A Tai Chi posture of peace
Can be a pounce in waiting

Some can pretend anything
Except what’s true, but
most of us can smell truth

What loves suddenly
May be rot taking root
Lipstick on a pig

Is that an argument against
Risk? Have you not been
Whirled, diced & consumed

By the unexpected razz-a-ma-tazz?
The turquoise blue waterfalls
Of Havasupai?

When I was young, I rode
My bike, whistling & making up
Songs, willy-nilly

Lyrics to charm the jacaranda
Tame the passionflower
Twined around my porch

Now it’s time to make love again
Not war. To celebrate being
So gratefully about-to-be-dead

Alive & living it up
So make me one. Quiero andar
Siempre cantando

Let me find the goddess within
This entangled multiverse
Of flowers & shrooms

Capt. Barefoot Broadside                                          Union of Street Poets
Vincent St. John Local / Colorado Plateau / Aztlán
 Kuksu Brigade (Ret.) / San Francisco

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  1. Hi, Art,

    You commented on my punk rock article on BrooWaha some time ago. I rented a room from your mom on Elizabeth St. for six months in 1979. I recently wrote an ebook based on my experiences in San Francisco in 1979 - 1981 and I wrote more about Blanche. You can download it for $1.77 from any of the major online resellers. It's called No Regrets: Memoirs of a Punk. Your mom was a remarkable person.

    Best wishes,