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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Up Bear Creek / 10nov25011

Today’s date would be Nov. 10, 25011

NORTH AMERICAN CALENDAR … Okay, I’m done with the Julian calendar that the Christians turned into the Gregorian calendar. Time for a new dating system to mark when humans first came to the New World. The latest issue of Scientific American suggests that the exact date is somewhere between 25,000 and 15,000 years ago. So, let’s take the oldest date of that spread, since science has been pushing back that first human step on North (or South) America ever since we started examining the fossil evidence … Of course, we don’t want to set up an arbitrary calendar with no relation to the current system. That would be too chaotic. And there’s a good chance that future scientific breakthroughs will modify the date. So, let’s track the Gregorian/Julian calendar dates in this transition period. Instead of 2011, making Day One the birth of the Christian Christos (“anointed one”), let’s start a North American Calendar that makes Day One the oldest possible first footfall of Homo sapiens on the New World – 25011.

SMART METERS? … There was a very informative seminar I got to attend last weekend in Ridgway about the new automatic meter reading boxes that San Miguel Power Association is in the process of installing, employing California corporation Aclara’s advanced metering infrastructure called TWACS – two-way automatic communications system … I learned of many sensitives for whom “smart meters” are a diabolical torture system that gives them headaches, tinnitus, rashes, fatigue and a host of debilitating symptoms. So debilitating that many have taken to sleeping in backyards or moving to remote areas off the grid. And it’s estimated 3-7% of the population has these electromagnetic sensitivities. For them, installing TWACS meters is a disaster – it will force some to move out of their homes … I learned of privacy issues, in addition to health issues, and the vulnerability of these systems to terrorist disruptions and blackouts … And yet when I talk to SMPA reps, they tell me just the science shows there are no effects. There is no problem. Industry studies are conclusive … Frankly, I’m quite confused. And worried that SMPA is installing these meters without taking the time to educate the public in the face of the spreading controversies over their use … I think it’s time SMPA slowed down, engaged the public with educational seminars showing us what the science is, and explaining the many incidences of physical ailments seemingly attributable to electromagnetic frequencies and dirty electricity … I recommend you visit the dirty electricity website <> and the website of the principal speaker at the Ridgway seminar, Josh Hart <> … And I also recommend you call SMPA and get their perspective and information on this issue … Right now, I don’t know which side to trust completely. I think it’s up to every citizen and SMPA coop member to educate themselves on this issue … But I can’t help but feel that the precautionary principle ought to apply. Where there’s this much smoke, something’s on fire. And we need to slow SMPA down, call a temporary halt to the installations of these meters and find out exactly where the truth lies. If we’re forcing even only 3-7% of our citizens from their own homes with this mandatory installation (that even opting out has no effect on), then we’ve all got a problem.

WEEKLY QUOTA … “I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a shame; two is a law firm; and three or more is a Congress.” -John Adams

OOPS … Left a sentence dangling last week in speaking of Midge Carriere’s passing. Her granddaughter, Wendy Campbell, used to babysit my little ones at Midge’s home. I remember taking 3-year-old Wylder Wilson there one winter evening. Holding him in my arms, I slipped on ice on the way up the driveway. Somehow -- instinct takes over at a moment like that -- I managed to get a hand behind Wylder’s head and cushion the blow as we fell backwards and landed hard … I remember taking her a copy of Jim Davidson’s novel, Mine Work (Utah University Press, 1999), and how pleased Midge was to read his historical fiction story about Rico … Again, condolences to the family. 

REDISTRICTING … Club 20 recently testified in Denver against the proposal to move the east end of San Miguel County into House District 59, and leave the west end (and Norwood) in the 58th – proving once again that Club 15 doesn’t speak for San Miguel County, and our decision to leave that group was a wise one.

TRUE COST ACCOUNTING … From paved roads to exploration tax breaks to military action to secure our oil supply lines, the Feds subsidize the real cost of gasoline in this country. In Britain it costs about $10 a gallon these days. But even that cost doesn’t take into account the social and ecological damage done by driving – from carbon emissions to bad air and polluted waters ... According to Economics for Equity and the Environment Network, you should add in about $9 more a gallon to offset those impacts. And thus, the true cost of a gallon of gas ought to be $19 a gallon ... And it will cost our children even more.


The only thing
he ever really stroked
was my ego.

-Shannon Johnson
Colorado Springs

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