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Friday, March 23, 2012

Letter to the Editor / 23mar25012

Striking the best balance

Published: Thursday, March 22, 2012 6:08 AM CDT
Dear Editor,

I was a bit surprised to read Wilson Mesa homeowner and mushroom festival compadre John Sir Jesse’s premature letter castigating county government for trying to take away property rights.

Without going into all the legal complexities, the county is discussing the problematic, resort-community issue of short term rentals and we have decided to review the current policies for the Telluride Region and possibly the entire R-1 School District. To that end we’ll be adding this matter as an agenda item to a future regular public meeting (usually scheduled on Wednesdays) in the Miramonte Building west of the courthouse. Public input is a right government reserves to the people, who are the ones who really hold power in a representative democracy.

Prohibitions are a possibility. The commissioners have discussed the results of a preliminary staff survey of homeowner associations, which appear to be unanimously opposed to allowing short-term rentals.

Personally, in this down economy, I’m worried and want to give homeowners as many options as possible to pay off their mortgages. So I sympathize, some, with Sir Jesse’s rant. But we have to weigh both the individual homeowner benefits with overall community impacts. And then see what balance is best to strike for the county’s east end.

Neither the county planning department nor your county commissioners have made up our minds on what policy to pursue. If you want to weigh in on short-term rentals and find out when the hearing will be scheduled, please contact 970.728.3844.

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