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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Green Party State Co-Chair Re-Elected to a Fifth Term

This is an ad/poster that my daughter Iris Willow designed for my election campaign, along with a fetching photo by Carl Marcus. I took a break from my weekly column (Up Bear Creek) for a couple months after Shroomfest at the request of the publisher (being a weekly columnist was seen as too advantageous for me as a candidate). But I should be back in the writing saddle in a week or so.

And this is the campaign poster that my son Gorio Osha' created for me. We posted these around the county, although my Democratic opponent was a sign-maker by profession, so he had more and bigger signs for his campaign. Beth Kelly did a great decal, but the image is too big to post.

Anyway, we won. I got 42% (in 2008's three-way I got 49%), the Dem 33% (last time 31%) and the Repub 24% (last time 20%)

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