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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Mary Faery

Mary Ellen Friedberg

Mary and Art in front of the Sheridan Hotel, Telluride

Forgive the hiatus in this blog, but we lost Mary between Thanksgiving and the end of the Mayan Great Cycle of 26,000 years.

Here’s what the Katie Klingsporm of the Telluride Daily Planet wrote in the paper's 2012 Year in Review:

Mary Friedberg, a deeply spiritual woman and friend to many who lived in Telluride and Norwood for several years, passed away on Nov. 25 at her Wilson Mesa Home after battling cancer. She was 58. Friedberg, who was called Mary Faery by loved ones, was a mother and friend who is remembered as a deeply spiritual woman with a gypsy streak and boundless generosity.


  1. Art, you are loved and appreciated. Mourning can take a lifetime, though for me it has had stages. Your love for Mary and your unique relationship was a blessing to many. Although I didn't know Mary as well as I know you, I see her smile, her concerned look, but most of all just how she so often broke into a full faced grin. I feel her as I'm sure you do, walking with her loved ones in a different way or dimension. She demonstrated something so unique in this world. I love how you were with her. Your words about her have touched me deeply and I honor your walk and your work. In Love. Jude

  2. Thank you, Jude. Mary was unique, and you honor us both with your kind words. Bless you...

  3. Ah! So much love in my heart for you, for Mary, for all your family. And all these years, I have kept treasures of your visit with us (long ago now). In my hallway hang the paper cranes, with the brass bell below, made for me by Mary's hands. I still sometimes smile at the cubbyhole below our desk where your young son would "hide" from us. And there in my kitchen sits the lovely stone-carved Ganesh Mary gave me, sending out blessings to all. Now come the memories of times shared, just Mary and me sometimes, at your own place. ...and Ganesh sends blessing out to all. Om......

  4. Beloved Art, My heart is with you and Sara and Gorio...I'll never forget waking up one moring at Rockmirth and there you guys were! Mary! Pregnant ! Glowing & radiantly happy! You too! ....a wild one that Mary....May she fly as free as her true Spirit was....SkyDancer...Blesings on all she was and will be....and the ones that love and grieve her gone.....I love youxxxxxxxxxJudyth