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Monday, January 21, 2013

Up Bear Creek 8dec26013

Photo by Sara Mae Friedberg

“The friendship of fools is sweet as wine.
But the tastelessness of the wise
brings true affection.”
-Thomas Merton’s The Way of Chuang Tzu

No, it wasn’t your tattoos that drew me to you, Mary
Faery, though your will blazed a fierce rainbow blue

amid galaxies discrete as your Scorpio purse of balm
& obsidian. Hailing from a long lineage of Dakinis:

Guanyin, Green Tara, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Privy to angelic transmissions beyond my ken

You embodied for me Kali & perfect sweetness
Giggling between greetings. Turning intractable

stone. A girlish smile. Indigenous traits learned
at Nagponi where you waged bureaucratic aikido

peace-corpsed in the Philippines & through
high drama, death threats, Marcos & Aquino

found your band of Ati title to the village plots
they called home. More Kennedy than Friedberg

But precise. And no, lass, ‘twas not for your warmth
tale be told, I pursued, for you were sharp as a dart

shot in the quick of the hunt. If need be, you spoke
goddess truth, regardless of icy consequence, &

calmly apprehended even tongues not known
under stress, in a mob, knife at your throat. And

though my internal Nagasaki obaasan didn’t like
the fist in your mama’s gypsy brogue, I admired you

for your brazen gracelessness. Unabashed. ‘Specially
when it cost me in argument – a price most dear for

brothers like Jimbo & I who prize disputationem -- that
rational Western Civ badminton, crucial for male coming to

understanding, but which you despised, favoring the blink
of gestalt. Of channeled voices. Of silence over sophistry

So, yes, be-rainbowed, I fell in love with your kindness
& the wild poof of your hair. And we made haste

in our kindnesses. Called them children. Danced alone
As a couple. Around fairy mushroom rings. Drummed

& ommed together -- even unto your last breath
A candle. Hot wax. Freckles of lavender & myrrh

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