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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up Bear Creek / 14feb26013 / Hope for the Elephants

Jo Norris at the 2005 Shroomfest parade

Trout Lake homeowner Jo Norris of long-time Shroomfest and Arizona’s Rim Institute fame will be special guest facilitator for a learning journey to Kenya with the Foundation for Global Leadership, entitled “Hope for the Elephants,” Aug. 23-30, 2013.

The trip will feature visiting with traditional Masai people and witnessing elephants and their threatened habitat first-hand, along with the amazing wildebeest migration.

At 80, Jo is an elder, wisdom keeper, leader of ceremony and an expert in facilitating groups to connect the depth of the journey experience to the deeper aspects of one’s soul. Jo has spent her life focused on healing the planet and humanity.

For more info on this experiential adventure, contact Jo directly at <>

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