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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Up Bear Creek / 21feb26013 / Pati Temple (1951-2013)

Pati Temple

Wild mustangs and McElmo Canyon progressives lost a great advocate with the passing of Patricia Ann Draheim Temple at Trail Canyon Ranch in Montezuma County this past January. She and her devoted husband David were partners for 38 years and together ran Trail Canyon Ranch.
Wild Horse, Spring Creek Herd, photo by TJ Holmes
Pati and I served together on the BLM’s Southwest Resource Advisory Council, and we became friends – both for our shared care for wild horses and environmental sanity, as well as our love of Colorado’s open spaces and wildlands.

I know I speak for a lot of good people in Southwestern Colorado when I say that’s she’s going to be dearly missed.


-for Pati

She whirled a big lasso
& roped us all in

Took a shine to wild
mares & mustangs

Loved Trail Canyon
Ranch & its mysteries

Gave David a full mug
& most of her life

Shared the overflow
in McElmo & beyond

Her love a gust of wind
galloping through your hair

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