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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Up Bear Creek / 7feb26013 / Gun Control hearing in Norwood


The San Miguel Board of County Commissioner gun control hearing in January was surreptitiously filmed via cell phone by Norwood Post editor Patrick Coleman who’s posted the meeting on YouTube.

After listening to our Norwood constituents and Telluride's Mayor Stu Fraser, I thought this contentious an issue deserved another hearing up in Telluride, or no county letter at all. My colleagues didn’t agree. To me the letter went too far. As written, I voted against it.

I believe a large percentage of this county believes the recent Sandy Hook tragedy demands some form of gun control action. And I would have supported a call from San Miguel County for mandatory background checks for all gun sales, retail or private. That seems like a prudent and reasonable regulatory change.

But, beyond that, I think gun control is a very polarizing issue in the West, where gun ownership has been traditional and customary. I’ve been having some very interesting discussions with folks from both sides of this debate on Facebook, and I’ve learned a lot.

I just wish we as a nation, as fellow citizens would seek better compromises on tough issues like this, rather than simply pitting advocates against opponents

Check out the crude video at

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